I'm using drone:0.8 with the following configuration but the only two first jobs are succeeded in building. The rest of jobs are stuck in the pending state. I'm deploying drone using Docker Swarm stack deploy. Here is my configuration file:

version: '3' services: server: image: drone/drone:0.8 ports: - 8000 - 9000 volumes: - /data/local/drone:/var/lib/drone/ environment: - DRONE_OPEN=true - DRONE_HOST=http://example.com - DRONE_GITHUB=true - DRONE_ORGS=my_fake_company - DRONE_ADMIN=my_github - DRONE_GITHUB_CLIENT=my_secret - DRONE_GITHUB_SECRET=my_client - DRONE_SECRET=my_drone_secret - VIRTUAL_HOST=virtual_host.nginx.com - VIRTUAL_PORT=8000 networks: - edge agent: image: drone/agent:0.8 command: agent depends_on: - drone-server volumes: - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock environment: - DRONE_SERVER=drone_server:9000 - DRONE_SECRET=my_secret networks: - edge networks: edge: external: true

It's running behind nginx-proxy by jwlinder.

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