I am currently building a documentation for an API. I am using both Sphinx documentation and Javadoc for that purpose : Javadoc to display the data model, explain the classes serialized, Sphinx to explain routes and general concepts.

I've added my javadoc to a /javadoc subfolder in my sphinx project and declared it as "html_extra_path" in my conf.py. Currently after build, I can see in my /build folder the /javadoc folder, navigate through it.

In my sphinx documentation, I would like to create a link to a page of my javadoc (direct link to the class documentation).

How can I do that ?

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Use an external link without the protocol and hostname. This reStructuredText:

`Javadoc </javadoc>`_

...yields the HTML:

<a class="reference external" href="/javadoc">Javadoc</a>
  • Worked ! Thank you !
    – Mouke
    Apr 23, 2018 at 8:04

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