$ dotnet new console -lang Q# --output Bell

Error: Invalid parameter(s):
-lang Q#
    'Q#' is not a valid value for -lang (language).

Run dotnet new console --help for usage information. See https://aka.ms/dotnet-install-templates to learn how to install additional template packs.

I also tried running:

dotnet new -i Microsoft.DotNet.Common.ProjectTemplates.2.x::2.0.0-*

But even this command could not add the project any idea how I can get this template.

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I think you need to run:

dotnet new -i "Microsoft.Quantum.ProjectTemplates::0.2-*"

Take a look at https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/quantum/quantum-installconfig?view=qsharp-preview&tabs=tabid-vscode for more complete instructions.


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