By using LiveDataReactiveStreams one can transform LiveData to Publisher. But in order to use RxJava2 method such as withLatestFrom I need to have an Observable instead of the Publisher. Is there another way to convert Publisher to Observable beside using this (outdated) library - RxJava<->ReactiveStreams ?

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    RxJava 2 Flowable is a Publisher and can work with Publishers. You likely don't have to convert to Observable.
    – akarnokd
    Apr 23, 2018 at 7:54

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// Flowable to LiveData

val flowable = Flowable.just(1, 2, 3)
val liveData = LiveDataReactiveStreams.fromPublisher<Int>(flowable)

// From Live Data to Publisher(Flowable is also publisher)

LiveDataReactiveStreams.toPublisher(this, liveData).subscribe(object: Subscriber<Int>{
    override fun onNext(t: Int?) {}

    override fun onComplete() {}

    override fun onSubscribe(s: Subscription?) {}

    override fun onError(t: Throwable?) {}

So I managed to do something like this. But I don't know where to put this code in android project structure, since toPublisher requires Activity instance.

val rxDataPublisher: Publisher<DataSnapshot> = LiveDataReactiveStreams.toPublisher(this@LocationActivity,fireBaseLiveData)

val rxLocationPublisher: Publisher<Location> = LiveDataReactiveStreams.toPublisher(this@LocationActivity, locationLiveData)

val rxFlowable: Flowable<Pair<Location, DataSnapshot>> = Flowable.fromPublisher(rxDataPublisher)
                .withLatestFrom(rxLocationPublisher, BiFunction{t1, t2 -> Pair(t2,t1) })

val flowableToLiveData = LiveDataReactiveStreams.fromPublisher(rxFlowable)

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