Typically using ORDER BY on a large selection runs on a single node which is not preferable. To remedy this I am fine with having my result ordered so that for a specific user's timestamps are in ascending order but not necessarily globally.

How can one achieve this?


FROM table
ORDER BY timestamp OVER (PARTITION BY user_id)

Which should result in result being ordered by timestamp when considering one user at a time.

  • update your question add a proper data sample .. the expected result .. and also the code you are using – scaisEdge Apr 23 '18 at 8:30
  • Your attempted solution is not going to fix anything in terms of performance. – Gordon Linoff Apr 23 '18 at 11:06

Try this:

ORDER BY user, timestamp

this will sort users first and all duplicate user will be sorted by timestamp.

UPDATE: Order can also be changed for every column

ORDER BY user DESC, timestamp ASC


The question is not very specific, so it's hard to give a specific answer. You can use a query of this form:

    STRUCT(user_timestamp, user_event)
    ORDER BY user_timestamp
  ) AS user_attributes
FROM UserTable
GROUP BY user_id

This builds an array with user attributes for each user ID, ordered by a user timestamp.

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