i'm new on Angular 5. I have a function like this


i need to pass username and password fetched from webservice in this array in this array. In php i do this:

$credentials = array(['username'=> $response.user.username, 'password'=> $response.user.password]); 

how i can obtain the same result in Angular5?

  • you want to pass in the function or fetch data from a function in angular code ? – Pardeep Jain Apr 23 '18 at 10:02
  • Impressive. Please tell me, how did you enable dot notation ($response.user.username) in PHP? Is it version specific? – MonkeyZeus Apr 23 '18 at 15:33

Maybe you can use an object.

var credentials= {username:"Blabla", password:"Blabla"};

you can try this :

interface User{
    username : string ;
    password : string ;

private credentials : User[] = [] ;

in your service :

credentials.push({username : response.user.username  , password:response.user.password})

You can not have string indices in JavaScript/TypeScript, but you can use an object to store your credential data.

this.credentials = {
    username: response.user.username,
    password: response.user.password

Assuming that response has a property user which has username and password.

You can then access these values like this


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