My flutter app uses the camera package to take a photo, which I save to the application's data directory (obtained from path_provider and the getApplicationDocumentsDirectory() function).

How can I save this image file into the phone photo gallery? I've noticed the image_picker package allows reading from the gallery, but how can I write to it?

  • Hey, it's been more than 2 years, did you find any plugin that does what you required(I don't know how to use platform channels)
    – Nithin Sai
    Dec 16, 2020 at 3:58

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this plugin saves images and video to gallery/photos.

You just need to provide it with path to temp file that you got from Camera(or even network url, it also works):

  • my images have path like "assets/images/my image.jpg" its not working... Will you pls tell me the type of recorded.path. Whats it tyep like File or binary data or string etc.
    – Sachin
    Jun 16, 2020 at 11:57
  • 1
    Is it possible to list the media from the gallery after saving? Aug 4, 2020 at 10:52
  • 8
    Unfortunately this fails on Android 11 Oct 12, 2020 at 19:22
  • 1
    It fails on android 11 due to scoped storage, don't know which package dev will solve this problem first, but waiting for it
    – Nithin Sai
    Dec 16, 2020 at 3:49
  • I get wrong timestamp saving GIF to photo album on iOS 14.
    – ykonda
    Jun 6, 2021 at 3:34

Unfortunately flutter doesn't currently exposes that functionality. It does seem like a candidate for a plugin though.

If you're motivated enough, you could use platform channels to communicate from flutter to native Android (and iOS) code, from which you can get full access the gallery. Bonus points if you make it into a plugin and publish it!

  • As far as I know there's no plugin yet for that. I have added this exact case as an example of relatively easy plugin to be implemented, with detailed steps necessary for doing it in my post on medium.com/p/contributing-to-flutter-part-2-46092dc4417e.
    – Fabio
    May 6, 2018 at 7:38
  • Is there any plugin for that now?
    – Balaji
    Feb 4 at 12:40

There is a plugin that supports this.


I have tested it and it's working fine.

  • 2
    Also - like gallery_saver - fails on Android 11
    – novas1r1
    Nov 5, 2020 at 8:07
  • works on android now but fails for iOS :(! Opened an issue on github: github.com/CarnegieTechnologies/gallery_saver/issues/93
    – novas1r1
    Feb 11, 2021 at 9:11
  • actually the saveImage method not works when you specify a name of image. the image name remains in the ios format IMG_XXX. i have open an issue on github but there are many issue remained open for this issue.
    – bl4ckr0se
    Feb 23 at 0:22

I made the plugin. Please try it if you like.



I will explain how to use.

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  image_downloader: ^0.9.0

After that, specify permission for each devices.

Just write the following and image will be saved.

  • I implemented it and ImageDownloader return true, but where is the file located?
    – Meir
    Jan 1, 2019 at 17:29
  • If download image has CreateDate of exif, there is in the date in Photo app(iOS) or download directory(Android).
    – ko2ic
    Jan 2, 2019 at 4:59

I have been searching for this answer for a while but fortunately, I am able to save files to gallery with this code:

ByteData byteData = await rootBundle.load('assets/images/example.png');
File file = await File('/storage/emulated/0/Android/media/<your app package>/<App title/folder>/example.png').create(recursive: true);
await MediaStore.saveImage(byteData.buffer.asUint8List(byteData.offsetInBytes, byteData.lengthInBytes));

This will save your image to the device and your device gallery.

This only works for Android



There is a package which you can use to update the gallery by giving the path of the image or the video. The advantage of this over the other packages is that you can save files even in a sd card. The file will not be saved twice when you try to add media to gallery which are already saved to the device. This is the link to the package. https://pub.dev/packages/media_scanner

MediaScanner.loadMedia("Path to the file or directory"); // This will update the gallery

This is Android only


I had to search a lot, but I found a very useful solution to save the image in the cell phone's photo gallery and get the absolute path to use it the way you want. For this example I used a result obtained from saving an image in the photo gallery, however it could also work to read other files, obviously making the changes that you see necessary, I hope it will help you uri_to_file image_gallery_saver

import 'dart:io';

import 'package:image_gallery_saver/image_gallery_saver.dart';
import 'package:uri_to_file/uri_to_file.dart';

Future<File> saveImage(File image, String identifier) async {
try {
    var result = await 
     quality: 60, name: identifier + 
    File file = await toFile(Uri.parse(result['filePath']));
    return file;
   } catch (e) {
    return new File('assets/img/default-img.jpg');
// example
// or

There is a workaround, I made it worked by specifying path to "/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/YOUR_FOLDER/YOUR_FILE_NAME" then it will be saved outside of support package directory then image appears in Gallery. You can use any image saver plugin just provide that hardcoded path.


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