I am trying to configure VTK with VS 2015 on win10 x64 . I downloaded VTK-8.1.0 source, created VS2015 project with cmake and build it with Visual Studio IDE. To test, I downloaded the sphere visualization code and created a VS2015 project with cmake and build it with VS2015 IDE. Everything is successfull. I run the .exe created from vtkproject/build/debug/.exe and I get the output as expected. Its displays a sphere. But when I run the program from the IDE, it gives runtime error as shown below:
build output enter image description here

I also tried using the pre-built VTK-7.0 binaries which were a part of PCL pre-built x64 binaries for VS2015 from this blog and tested the above mentioned sphere visualization program. Build seems to work and again I get the expected output from running the .exe created in vtkproject/build/debug/.exe but I get another runtime error when trying to run program from VS IDE as shown below:

enter image description here.

I saw a similar post here but the accepted answer doesn't work for me.

Kindly help me regarding this issue.

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    Your cwd (current working directory) is probably set wrong when running from the IDE. – Jesper Juhl Apr 23 '18 at 19:40
  • Thanks @JesperJuhl . You nudged me in the right direction. – Reborn Apr 25 '18 at 12:00

I solved the problem thanks to Jesper Juhl hint. CWD was correct but it was none the less a directory path problem.

  • The first error occurred because in project properties->configuration manager, the build option against ALL_Build was unchecked.

  • The second error occurred because in ALL_BUILD project properties-> configuration properties->Debugging->Command was set to x64/Debug/ALL_BUILD. It should be set to Debug/Sphere.exe (Debug in the solution folder, not in x64)

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