Is it possible to register a service at run-time, meaning after the ContainerBuilder has been built and the Container has been created (and ContainerBuilder disposed of)?


Yes you can, using the Update method on ContainerBuilder:

var newBuilder = new ContainerBuilder();

  • Do note that updating an existing container that has already been used to resolve can result in undeterministic behavior. For instance, replacing components that are dependencies of already resolved singletons cause the original component to stay referenced. – Steven May 18 '16 at 8:33
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    Update is being deprecated github.com/autofac/Autofac/issues/811. – Chase Florell Mar 27 '17 at 23:44

Since ContainerBuilder.Update has been deprecated, the new recommendation is to use child lifetime scope.

Adding Registrations to a Lifetime Scope

Autofac allows you to add registrations “on the fly” as you create lifetime scopes. This can help you when you need to do a sort of “spot weld” limited registration override or if you generally just need some additional stuff in a scope that you don’t want to register globally. You do this by passing a lambda to BeginLifetimeScope() that takes a ContainerBuilder and adds registrations.

using(var scope = container.BeginLifetimeScope(
  builder =>
  // The additional registrations will be available
  // only in this lifetime scope.

Working with Lifetime Scopes

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