Is it possible to use the templating engine from the Play Framework in other contexts? Ideally I'd like an api of the form:

String result = render("template-file.html",var1,var2);

In some frameworks the templating engine is entirely usable outside of the framework, or even standalone.


Well, the template engine within Play is Groovy, so first off you could take a look if by simply using Groovy is enough for what you want to achieve.

The best place to look is the Groovy Templating system. I would recommend this rather than trying to unpick, or bundling the Play code.

  • well, in fact play! adds a lot of stuff on his own, like template inheritance, tags, reverse routing, etc... – opensas Mar 1 '11 at 5:07

I don't know if you can use templating engine outside Play context but you can generate the html page like this :

Map args = new HashMap();
String html = TemplateLoader.load("contact.html",args).render(); 

I asked the very same question on Play's mailing list. Answer :

String result = TemplateLoader.load("virtual/path/to/file").render(mapOfParameters);


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