I just started using create-react-app with typescript

create-react-app my-app --scripts-version=react-scripts-ts

and the default tslint.json configuration does not allow console.log().

How can I (for now) enable console.log?

The docs for this are at https://palantir.github.io/tslint/rules/no-console/. But they don't say where to put this line:

    "no-console": [true, "log", "error"]

I searched and found this tslint.json configuration file syntax, so I tried this:

"rules": {
    "no-console": [true, "warning"]

In an attempt to get log messages that would just be warnings. But that didn't work.

I've commented out the few console.log() lines I have but will want to be able to do this in the future.

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Add // tslint:disable-next-line:no-console in the line right before your calls to console.log to prevent the error message only once.

If you want to disable the rule entirely add the following to your tslint.json (most likely in your root folder):

    "rules": {
        "no-console": false
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    I'm not sure what happened but now "no-console": false is not working for me. I've found a work around is to put // tslint:disable:no-console at the top of the file. – PatS Apr 26 at 17:07
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    "no-console": false works for me, but I have to restart "npm start" for it to take effect. – jlb May 21 at 19:56
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    "no-console": false doesn't work for me, even with npm run start. – Eric Fulmer May 22 at 18:16
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    @EricFulmer put that in the "jsRules" node. "jsRules": { "no-console": false }, – billb May 25 at 16:26
  • @billb That works -- thank you! – Eric Fulmer May 25 at 23:06

For those of you coming here with a mixed codebase of javascript and typescript.

You may need to define the 'no-console' option in jsRules, jslints rules object for javascript files, i.e. there are separate rules objects for javascript and typescript.


  "extends": ["tslint:recommended", "tslint-react", "tslint-config-prettier"], //Example... 
  "rules": {
    "no-console": false //Disable for typescript
  "jsRules": {
    "no-console": false //Disable for javascript

According to the docs: https://eslint.org/docs/user-guide/getting-started#configuration

  • "off" or 0 - turn the rule off
  • "warn" or 1 - turn the rule on as a warning (doesn’t affect exit code)
  • "error" or 2 - turn the rule on as an error (exit code will be 1)

By the way, your correct setup would be

  "rules": {
    "no-console": false

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