I am working on an Android Project in which , Let's Say I have an audio file in .wav format

I want to create an array in which i want to set three fields : 1. Time (in Seconds or in Mili Seconds) of audio file. 2. Amplitude at that particular Second of audio file. 3. Frequency at that particular Second of audio file.

I am thinking that i can use "for OR while" loop to create the array by getting amplitude and frequency at each second and save add it to my array list.

But I don't know how to get the value of amplitude and freuency at that particular Second from my audio file.

I never worked with audios before, So I don't know , Is there any method to get these values.

I am thinking that as amplitude can be represented on graphs of amplitude and time, amplitude can be an integer or long ( I actually Don't Know ).

Is it possible ? If Yes than How can I achieve this.

Thank You In Advance :-)

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