i'm new to assembly and i'm studying it applied on MIPS. My university teacher gave us some codes. Here there is one.

.data 0x100020000
dati1: .word 0xC000, 0xF000A000, 0x8000FFFF, 0x23150001, 0x0
sub1: move $t0, $zero
      la $t1, dati1
ciclo1: lw $t2, 0($t1)
         move $t3,$t2
         bne $t2, $zero, dopo1a
         ori $t4, $zero, 1
         beq $zero, $zero, dopo1b
dopo1a: slt $t4, $zero, $t2
dopo1b: bne $t4, $zero, dopo1c
        nor $t3, $t3, $t3
        addi $t3, $t3, 1
dopo1c: sw $t3, 32($t1)
        addi $t1, $t1, 4
        addi $t0, $t0, 1
        slti $t4, $t0, 5
        bne $t4, $zero, ciclo1
        jr $ra

When i try to compile it with PCSpim simulator it gaves out an error:

Exception occurred at PC=0x00000000
Bad address in data/stack read: 0x00020000
Exception occurred at PC=0x00000004
Bad address in text read: 0x00000004

NOTE: I have cleared registers in PCSpim. Also in Simulator-> Set Run Parameters i have as address or label to start program: 0x00400000. ( In another stackoverflow question my same problem got solved by this because the address was 0x00000000 ). Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks.

  • that's not compilation error. That looks like runtime error. And it looks like the CPU went for instruction at address 0, even if you did set start as 0x00400000. Make sure you don't "run" the code, but just compile, and then single-step first instruction + see where it does point. The SPIM family may have some extra setting like "start at main when defined", turn that ON (I think there's something like that in MARS simulator, which is different from SPIM, but they try to supply similar simulation and environment, so they are quite interchangeable for the very basics of MIPS assembly).
    – Ped7g
    Commented Apr 24, 2018 at 8:10
  • but for whatever reason your simulator either starts, or gets to address 0. Figure out whether it's at the start, or after the code did run (not terminating properly) by single stepping in debugger, then try to figure out why the setting of start address didn't work, if it starts at 0. Maybe try even different versions of SPIM, or MARS just to get more experience and skill.
    – Ped7g
    Commented Apr 24, 2018 at 8:12
  • @Ped7g my start address is 0x00400000. I have checked it when clearing registers and also when loading the assembly file. In PCSpim i don't have an option to compile but i have only the run icon to run the code. Also i can't find start at main when defined or an option like that in preferences.
    – user7253265
    Commented Apr 24, 2018 at 8:14
  • @Ped7g i have tried to run a simple code which is from a YT channel, as the code is supposed to do, the registers values change. I think it's something in my program.
    – user7253265
    Commented Apr 24, 2018 at 8:17
  • 1
    your SPIM simulator variant has very likely debugger too, instead of run there should be some way to step over single instruction. The code you posted ends with jr $ra and there's not jal instruction, or some other instruction setting up ra register value, so it is highly likely still zero when the code does reach that point, jumping to PC=0 causing the exception. SPIM/MARS has syscall v0=10 to terminate code. Maybe check first some working examples directly targetting SPIM/MARS, learning some basics about MIPS CPU, then it will be easier to understand what's happening.
    – Ped7g
    Commented Apr 24, 2018 at 8:35


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