I'm trying to upgrade an app to Django 1.11, but experience issues with collectstatic.

Old versions:

django 1.8.17 
django-storages 1.5.1

New versions:

django 1.11.12
django-storages 1.6.6


class StaticS3BotoStorage(ManifestFilesMixin, S3BotoStorage):
    location = 'static'
    file_overwrite = True
    preload_metadata = True


class StaticS3BotoStorage(CachedFilesMixin, S3BotoStorage):
    location = 'static'
    file_overwrite = True
    preload_metadata = True

With the old versions, collectstatic worked fine, including collectstatic --clear.

After the upgrade, collectstatic --clear fails (no files are deleted). collectstatic does copy files, however, sometimes it creates two versions of the same file. In this particular example, I get base.hash1.css and base.hash2.css. base.hash2.css is empty, so the pages open, but do not render correctly.

If I don't use CachedFilesMixin or ManifestFilesMixin, collectstatic works fine, but clear still fails.

I tested different combinations of django 1.11 and django-storages, but they all seem to behave the same.

Did someone else experience a similar issue?


We've encountered the same issue.

The underlying problem, I think, has multiple issues / sources:

  • The ManifestFilesMixin uses and reuses ContentFile objects for generating the hashed files and saves them multiple times. Without resetting the ContentFile objects (by calling .seek(0) on them).
  • The S3BotoStorage saves these files, without checking if they are at the correct position. Compare this to FileSystemStorage: The files are always read through from the beginning by iterating over the .chuncks() of the file.

We worked around the empty-file-issue by overriding S3BotoStorage like this:

class PatchedS3StaticStorage(S3BotoStorage):
    def _save(self, name, content):
        if hasattr(content, 'seek') and hasattr(content, 'seekable') and content.seekable():
        return super()._save(name, content)

In short, we seek to the beginning of the file before saving it.

  • I could make collectstatic work with boto3, but media upload then failed (actually not upload, but thumbnail creation). So the intermediary solution was to use boto3 for static, boto for media/thumbnails. However, due to memory issues (described here: github.com/jschneier/django-storages/issues/95), we had to stop using django-storages in the end. We have many thumbnails and it was eating too much memory. – apiljic Jul 10 '18 at 21:11
  • Thankyou for this @hellphil ! I had the same problem and adapted this answer to use boto3 (using boto with the above answer lead to other strange issues with additional files being uploaded to S3 erroneously). See stackoverflow.com/questions/52309821/… – Jonny Sep 14 '18 at 0:30

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