I am building a project using ROS and thus, catkin_make to build my ROS nodes and libraries.

The problem I'm facing is: I am using a git submodule in one package (package A) (and thus, I have a hierarchical include folder structure) and I have difficulties referencing a header file within that submodule.

In order to build the package B, which is dependent on package A, I have added the INCLUDE_DIRS statement to the catkin_package command in package A:

  INCLUDE_DIRS my-submodule/include

The content of that directory is:


(I have put the header files under a folder, named after the submodule, as many tutorials stated that within ROS you should use this convention).

The include statement in a file from package-B reads like this:

#include <my-submodule/my-header.h>

This works fine - package B is being built (as I am using one combined workspace to build this).

But: When I switch to the target system, where I only install package A, and then try to build package B (on that target system), it does not build because the include paths are not setup correctly.

The INSTALL statement for package A looks like this

install(DIRECTORY my-submodule/include

This is mainly, because the installed folder structure on the target system looks like this:


So, the install process actually puts that submodule's include-path under the package-A-include path (which is a different path structure compared to when I build the packages directly in one combined workspace).

And the CFLAGS for compilation only set the include directory to the folder:


And thus, breaking my include statement in my package-B file:

#include <my-submodule/my-header.h>

Do you have any idea how to solve this? I am sure there are more people than me, trying to reference header files from a submodule within a package.

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