It´s not a big deal to mimic the websocket connection made to bittrex from www, using chromes dev tools:


This return a token


That needs to be used with:


Then there are some commands sent to the websocket:


Which makes bittrex stream data about the selected ticker, BTC-TRX. But here´s where things start to get odd:

Here´s what frames look like:


It certainly looks like base64, but decoding it gives me something like:

u���0 E��s��؎��0�D��C]� �'m����#��¾?��� NP��J�;�� �[ tP1�4���B�B��K�1���f�8�j,&J�y\�r����B��k�u�.jc� ��o��>�L��c�T�p��K;Ü4&N ���J싶�S�gk4�o

Did anyone figure out how to turn this into readable data?

The response appears to be (at least in a Python world) subject to b64decode() and decompress().

message = decompress(b64decode(message))
  • @McNight Really? Nice! I tried different online php and python websites but couldnt find any where I´d get a valid result doing what you´re doing. You did indeed get something human readable out of this or are you just suggesting? – Corey Hart May 25 at 18:32
  • I'm not the author of the answer. I just formatted. The orignal author is @Mark. – McNight May 25 at 23:09

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