Know someone, how to create "Browse for folder" dialog in Adobe FLEX? And it is possible?



If it's an Air app you can do :

var f : File = new File;
f.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onFolderSelected);
f.browseForDirectory("Choose a directory");

If it's a pure As3 app, you cannot Browse for folder, you can just browse for file via FileReference class.


in Web, for multiple file upload, (for single file upload, use FileRefernce)

private var _refAddFiles:FileReferenceList;
private function browse():void
    _refAddFiles = new FileReferenceList();
    var fileFilter:FileFilter=new FileFilter("*.jpg","*.jpg;*.jpeg;");
    _refAddFiles.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onSelectFile);

<mx:Button click="browse"/>

This will work, and what you want to do after selection,

private function onSelectFile(event:Event):void
    _arrUploadFiles = [ ];
    if (_refAddFiles.fileList.length >= 1)
        for (var k:Number = 0; k < _refAddFiles.fileList.length; k++)
            _arrUploadFiles.push({ name: _refAddFiles.fileList[k].name,
                                    file: _refAddFiles.fileList[k]});


This is a quick function set to create a nice folder browser in Flex:

private var file:File = new File();

private function pickFile(event:MouseEvent):void {
    file.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, openFile);              
    file.browseForDirectory("Select folder...");

private function openFile(event:Event):void{
    folderPath.text = file.nativePath;

The first function deals with the folder browser, the second one populates a text input with the full folder path.


On the stage, create a simple mx:button and add a call to the pickFile() function for the click event:

<mx:Button click="{pickFile(event);}" />

Then, put also on the stage an mx:TextInput component, to show the folder path after selection:

<mx:TextInput id="folderPath" editable="false" />

This way you have a button to click in order to show the system folder browser, and a text input to show the full folder path after selection.

To improve the button look, you can embed a nice folder icon :-)

Just my 2c. :-)

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