Once the interpreter reaches the last y iteration its shows no progress What am I missing? The output must be the possible combinations such that sum of north+east+south+west=earth.

def possibilities():
    for n in range(9,-1,-1):
            for o in range(9,-1,-1):
                    for r in range(9,-1,-1):
                            for t in range(9,-1,-1):
                                    for h in range(9,-1,-1):
                                            for e in range(9,-1,-1):
                                                    for a in range(9,-1,-1):
                                                            for s in range(9,-1,-1):
                                                                    for u in range(9,-1,-1):
                                                                            for w in range(9,-1,-1):
                                                                                    for m in range(9,-1,-1):
                                                                                            for y in range(9,-1,-1):
                                                                                                    if len(set([n,o,r,t,h,e,a,s,u,w,m,y]))==12:
                                                                                                    north=10000*n + 1000*o +100*r +10*t +h
                                                                                                    east=1000*e +100*a +10*s +t
                                                                                                    south=10000*s + 1000*o +100*u +10*t +h
                                                                                                    west=1000*w + 100*e +10*s +t
                                                                                                    earth= 10000*e + 1000*a + 100*r +10*t +h
                                                                                                    if north +east +south +west == earth:

    return combinations
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    Your indentation is wrong – Dan Apr 25 '18 at 9:38
  • Please when you have so many nested loops think smart! Use a itertools.product() like this: iter = range(9,-1,-1) and for n, o, r in itertools.product(iter, iter, iter) – Mathieu Apr 25 '18 at 9:46
  • I have made some changes can you please check the below gist and tell me why iteration isnt going well. Must I use yield and enumerate? I am confused.. I know itertools will serve this purpose well. Can anyone give hint??? git.io/vp4CV – Danish - Coffee to Code Apr 28 '18 at 9:43

You have done 12 for loops each between 9 and 0. This means there are 10 possible values for each variables. Since there are more variables than there are options (12>10), there will always be at least 2 variables with the same value. Therefore, when you check if the length of the set is 12, it will never pass true because it is always at most 10.

To solve this (and I'm still a bit confused by your task so I'm not sure about this), you should change each of your for loops to start at 11 instead of 9.

It should be like this

for n in range(11,-1,-1):

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