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I have select options. I want to add a small text in options. Like my 2nd option have

<option>Gen Z (2000 &amp; later)</option>

in this option I want (2000 & later) bit smaller font size than Gen Z. I tried or and custom font size by css. but nothing works. If I use option{font-size:8px}. This works but it decrease the size of all the text in option.

Kindly tell me if there is any way to do this.

Thank you

<select class="form-control">
<option>No Preference</option>
<option>Gen Z (2000 &amp; later)</option>
<option>Millennial <small>(1980-1999)</small></option>
<option>Gen X <small>(1965-1979)</small></option>
<option>Boomer <small>(1946-1964)</small></option>
<option>Silent Gen <small>(1945 &amp; earlier)</small></option>

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