I have created Dynamic web project in eclipse, when i run the project on browser the URL is http://localhost:8080/magicmonitor/panels.jsp it's work fine, but my requirement is i want to change the URL dynamically, in the above URL magicmonitor is my project name, it's tomcat behavior it's take the default url is http://localhost:8080/magicmonitor (Host:Port/Projectname) i want to execute same on http://localhost:8080/dev/magicmonitor/panels.jsp how to do that?

  • IMO, http://localhost:8080/ is possible, I'm not sure if it possible to achieve what you've asked for! – N00b Pr0grammer Apr 27 '18 at 15:30

To change the URL you need to do three things:

  1. Change the context root of your web project from magicmonitor to dev
  2. Add the mapping dev/magicmonitor/panels.jsp for your JSP.
  3. Clean Tomcat to remove the existing application settings and pick up the application configuration changes you have made.

Step 1 of 3: Change the context root:

  • Select your project node in Project Explorer, right click and select Properties.
  • Select Web Project Settings from the list of entries on the left.
  • In the Context root field change the value from magicmonitor to dev, then click Apply And Close.

Step 2 of 3: Add a mapping for the JSP:

  • Edit the project's WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml to add a mapping for your JSP between the submitted URL and the JSP file:

  • That <url-pattern> will be appended to the context root (which is now dev) when matching the URL you submit. If the URL submitted from the browser matches the <url-pattern> the <jsp-file> will be called.

Step 3: To republish:

  • In the Servers view: stop Tomcat, select the Tomcat server, right-click and select Clean... from the popup menu.
  • You will be prompted "Clean will discard ... Are you sure you want to clean all published resources?".
  • Click OK, then start Tomcat.

You should now be able to access your JSP page using the URL http://localhost:8080/dev/magicmonitor/panels.jsp

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