I just upgraded from node 8 to node 10 and all my protractor test cases failed.

When dig into it, I found that source map support is causing the issue. Anyone resolved it or have a workaround.

✗ encountered a declaration exception
  - TypeError: frame.getFileName is not a function
      at isInsideNodeModules (internal/util.js:360:28)
      at showFlaggedDeprecation (buffer.js:149:8)
      at new Buffer (buffer.js:174:3)
      at Array.<anonymous> (/Users/k26686/aniruddh/develop/after-india-trip/shepherd/node_modules/source-map-support/source-map-support.js:149:21)
      at /Users/k26686/aniruddh/develop/after-india-trip/shepherd/node_modules/source-map-support/source-map-support.js:53:24
      at mapSourcePosition (/Users/k26686/aniruddh/develop/after-india-trip/shepherd/node_modules/source-map-support/source-map-support.js:171:21)
      at wrapCallSite (/Users/k26686/aniruddh/develop/after-india-trip/shepherd/node_modules/source-map-support/source-map-support.js:343:20)
      at /Users/k26686/aniruddh/develop/after-india-trip/shepherd/node_modules/source-map-support/source-map-support.js:378:26
      at Array.map (<anonymous>)
      at Function.prepareStackTrace (/Users/k26686/aniruddh/develop/after-india-trip/shepherd/node_modules/source-map-support/source-map-support.js:377:24)

There is also a issue in github github isslue link going on but any one have a quick fix?

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You just have to upgrade to version 10.1.0 of NodeJS.

This is a bug in version 10.0.0.


We found a workaround if using Babel to compile code. Switching your source maps from inline to file fixed this for us.

Change Babel compilation from:

babel --source-maps inline


babel --source-maps


Incase you are a homebrew user, run this command to update node to latest version:

brew upgrade node

This will update node to latest version. This issue is fixed in latest version.

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