I'm defining an entity at runtime like this:

const adressIdProp = new DataProperty({
  name: 'id',
  dataType: DataType.Int32,
  isNullable: false,
  isPartOfKey: true

const adress1Prop = new DataProperty({
  name: 'addressLine1',
  dataType: DataType.String,
  isNullable: false,
  isPartOfKey: false,
  maxLength: 3

const addressEntityType = new EntityType({
  shortName: 'Address',
  namespace: 'Model',
  dataProperties: [adressIdProp, adress1Prop],
  autoGeneratedKeyType: AutoGeneratedKeyType.Identity,

Pay attention that the addressLine1 property metadata has isNullable: false and maxLength: 3 set.

Then, I'm creating an instance of that entity to see whether Breeze has added required and maxLength validators:

this.address = (this.entityManager.createEntity("Address") as any) as Address;
this.validators = this.address.entityType.getProperty("addressLine1").validators;

But it returns an empty array validators (Stackblitz).

Am I missing something?

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