I followed tutorial to get Jenkins set up on Windows.

What i have is:

Jenkins running with recommend plugins installed

Jenkins URL changed to http:// my ipv4:8080/

A project with a simple command [echo hi]

For nodes i currently have just the Master node which is tied to my main PC

My goal is have one computer send a command to all the slave PC's so they run a python script i created.

I create a windows VM and connected to the Jenkins server. I logged in with the admin account and created a new node.

enter image description here

I cant find anything useful to help me figure out what to put in launch command. When i launch my node on the VM without the launch command specified, it fails to launch.

Is the batch script i wrote in the project, what's sent to all the slave machines or do I have this all wrong?

Thank you!


I got it working thanks to the answer posted here. I wrote up a doc on how i got Jenkins working from installation to deployment. There are other resources out there but i hope this will help someone.

Jenkins Master/Agent Setup

  • I see people online who have more than two launch methods. Jenkins only gives me the options: "Launch slave agents via SSH" and "Launch agent via execution of command on the master" – Michael Isaza Apr 27 '18 at 22:04

If you want to have the option Launch slave agents via Java Web Start you should specify the TCP port for slaves. It is done through Manage Jenkins > Configure Global Security > TCP port for JNLP agents. You can select fixed port 50000. More info here.

  • Thanks that worked for me! NOTE If anyone else new has this issue as well: Jenkins has running into an access denied issue when trying to create it a windows service. In the Jenkins folder that was made on the slave, open CMD as admin and navigate to the folder. if the exe jenkins-slave is in their run the command jekins-slave.exe install and it should work – Michael Isaza Apr 30 '18 at 17:55

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