three questions:

1) if you have multiple textInput fields how do you determine which one is being used?

2) with both onchangeText and onsubmitEditing what is being returned to the function

onChangeText={(text) => {this.captureInput(text)}}

I get that in onChangeText() text gives me the value in the input field. Are there any other parameters being passed back to that function?

Also, in onsubmitEditing() how do I access the event parameters being passed to clearText()?

I've read the documentation found here DOCS but it doesn't answer my question

3) Where in the documentation do you find these answers?


1) You just call different handlers to handle them separately:

<TextInput onChangeText={text => this.handleFirstInput(text)} />
<TextInput onChangeText={text => this.handleSecondInput(text)} />

2) There's no other parameters passed to them. What else do you need? You can set a ref on them but avoid that if possible.

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