I'm trying to use a switch in a form to toggle the appearance of one of two dropdown menus in the same form. I believe that this means I want to use the MatSlideToggleChange class emitted by a MatSlide toggle. Unfortunately, the documentation doesn't provide an example of how to use the MatSlideToggleChange class with a MatSlide.

Has anybody used the MatSlide in this way?


you can use output change property to toogle its change value

     Slide me! {{checked}}


color = 'accent';
checked = false;


demo stackblitz

  • If you are using it inside a form element you must set the name attribute otherwise it will throw error. For angular 5+ – Krishnadas PC Jul 30 '18 at 5:23

MatSlideToggleChange has two fields:

source: MatSlideToggle
checked: boolean

In .html file


In .ts file

onChange($event: MatSlideToggleChange) {

You would get output like this in the console:

MatSlideToggleChange {source: MatSlideToggle, checked: false}

If you were thinking about using the (click) event instead of the (change) event, I would recommend to use the (change) event instead for better mobile support when the user drags the mat-slide-toggle. You basically just inspect the value of the $event which is a MatSlideToggleChange.

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