I am working on a SpringBoot and Angular 5 web app, where I have a search form in the header:

<div class="searchDiv float-right">
    <form (ngSubmit)="onsubmit()" >
      <input class="searchBtn searchBtnHeader" type="text" role="search" placeholder="Search..." title="search field">
      <button class="fa fa-search align-middle searchBtn searchIcone" type="submit" [routerLink]="['/search']"></button>

How can I do redirection to a more detailed search page(component) in Angular 5?

  • Do it in the controller: in a submit handler for the form, do whatever you need to with the form and then router.navigate() to your destination
    – msanford
    Apr 30, 2018 at 12:45

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In your onSubmit() method, you can add a programmatic redirection, like this

constructor(private router: Router) { }

onSubmit() {
  // some stuff

So you don't need anymore the [routerLink] attribute in your submit button.

For a complete guide on Angular 5 redirection ,take a look at this detailled tutorial

  • Hi, this will get moderated as a link-only answer: can you please take some of the information out of the tutorial and paste it inline (like the other answer has)?
    – msanford
    Apr 30, 2018 at 12:46

Programatically route from onsubmit() method

In Class

import { Router } from '@angular/router';

constructor(private router: Router) {}
onsubmit() {

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