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I am trying to match text after a hashtag.

Here is my current progress:

String: "Here sometext #BestRappaAlive #CategoryK #test #sadsadsadsa some more text"

Regex: /(?:#)(\w+)\b/g

Desired output: ["BestRappaAlive","CategoryK","test","sadsadsadsa"]

Current output: ["#BestRappaAlive","#CategoryK","#test","#sadsadsadsa"]

This seems trivial (I can just loop and slice) but I am curious as to where I am going wrong.


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There is no lookbehind in js (except extended in chrome), your regex is correct, use regex.exec and get the first capturing group:

function extract(str){
    var rgx = /#(\w+)\b/gi;
    var result = [];
    var temp;
    while(temp = rgx.exec(str)){
    return result;

extract("Here sometext #BestRappaAlive #CategoryK #test #sadsadsadsa some more text");//["BestRappaAlive", "CategoryK", "test", "sadsadsadsa"]

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