Is there a way to make Visual Studio Code's window scrollbars wider? I'm finding they're a few pixels too skinny compared to other apps and my mouse often misses the precise location that I'm trying to click.


@andr its only for vertical, the complete set

,"editor.scrollbar.verticalScrollbarSize": 10
,"editor.scrollbar.horizontal": "visible"
,"editor.scrollbar.horizontalScrollbarSize": 15

, and workaround using an exceptionally meaningful extension ,for tabs group scrollbar

(to insert in custom.css):

/*tab group scrollbar;*/
.monaco-workbench>.part.editor>.content .editor-group-container>.title.tabs>.tabs-and-actions-container>.monaco-scrollable-element .scrollbar,
.monaco-workbench>.part.editor>.content .editor-group-container>.title.tabs>.tabs-and-actions-container>.monaco-scrollable-element .scrollbar .slider {
    height: 20px !important;

.monaco-workbench>.part.editor>.content .editor-group-container>.editor-container .monaco-scrollable-element .scrollbar
, .monaco-workbench>.part.editor>.content .editor-group-container>.editor-container .monaco-scrollable-element .scrollbar .slider {
    height: 20px !important;
  • note: latest VSC above didnt work. specifically this part: .monaco-workbench>.part.editor didnt' work, needed a slight modification: .monaco-workbench .part.editor – armyofda12mnkeys Jan 4 '20 at 18:57
  • @armyofda12mnkeys , .monaco-workbench .part.editor and removing all > still doesn't work – ilias Jan 4 '20 at 22:15

As of VS Code 1.48.0, the following line in settings.json helped me to make horizontal scrollbar larger:

"workbench.editor.titleScrollbarSizing": "large"

You need to edit the file %APPDATA%\Code\User\settings.json and add

,"editor.scrollbar.verticalScrollbarSize": 15
,"editor.scrollbar.horizontalScrollbarSize": 15
  • And ignore the "Unknown Configuration Setting" that VS Code throws at you, it works regardless. – svenema May 12 at 19:01

Thanks to Dai for the link. The undocumented property editor.scrollbar.verticalScrollbarSize handles this for the code windows. It doesn't affect the scrollbars on the file explorer, but that's OK for now.

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