I'd like to achieve the following high availability setup:

  • 2 master nodes (acting as shards of one logical data set with client keyhashing)
  • 2 slaves (one for each master)
  • 6 sentinels (3 for each pair of master/slave)

Now, I know that ServiceStack.Redis provides api for connecting to redis via sentinels:

new RedisSentinel(sentinelHosts, masterName: "mymaster").Start().

I'm also familiar with a ShardedRedisClientManager which calculates hash key and returns corresponding connection pool.

But how can I combine them together, so that my input will be a list of sentinels (on init) and a key for requesting actual data ? Is there a built in support for sharding in sentinels mode ?


I will answer my own question for future googlers. We found only partial support of sharding in ServiceStack and ended up with this code:

  1. new ConsistentHash<RedisSentinelClientManagerWrapper>(clientManagers);

    • where RedisSentinelClientManagerWrapper is our own class which holds instance of sentinel client manager and implements GetHashCode()
    • clientManagers is a list of all those sentinel manager wrappers (we have only 2 according to requirements).
  2. When application starts, we initialize all client managers and create a single instance of ConsistentHash

  3. When we need to get/set some data in redis, we retrieve redis client from consistent hash in this way:

       var clientManager = consistentHash.GetTarget(key).ClientsManager;
       var client = clientManager.GetClient();

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