I am trying to search videos, example here:


This is final query:


This returns 10 videos. However if I search using the code:

//Search for videos - https://developer.vimeo.com/api/playground/videos
    $result = $vimeo->request("/videos", array(
                                                    'page'=> $page,
                                                    'per_page' => $perPage,
                                                    'fields' => 'uri,name,description,duration,width,height,privacy,pictures.sizes',
                                                    'sort' => $sort,
                                                    'direction' => $sortDirection,                                      
                                                    'query' => $path

I only get 8 results back, I am not sure why.

The only thing I can see, maybe its not related is that 2 videos that are not returned have this settings:

 "privacy": {
            "view": "ptv",
            "embed": "public",
            "download": false,
            "add": false,
            "comments": "nobody"

while other have these (I dont know if this matters)

"privacy": {
            "view": "anybody",
            "embed": "public",
            "download": false,
            "add": true,
            "comments": "anybody"
VimeoResponse vimeoResponseList = vimeo.get(VimeoConstants.BASE_URL + "videos?query=" + query + "&sort=date&direction=asc&page=" + connectionProfile.getAgentPropertiesList().get(0));

This is look like this --> https://api.vimeo.com/videos?query=asd&sort=date&direction=asc&page=5

This is for java and i use clickntap.

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