I have two dates, 30-04-2009 and 12-01-2009.

Is it possible to calculate the difference in months?

I tried the following but it did not work:

generate date3 = date1 - date2
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By subtracting two numeric date variables using the date() function you get the difference in days. In order to get the difference in months, you need to perform a SIF-to-SIF conversion using the mofd() function.

For example:

display mofd(date("30-04-2009", "DMY")) - mofd(date("12-01-2009", "DMY"))

In your case:

set obs 1

generate date1 = date("30-04-2009", "DMY")
generate date2 = date("12-01-2009", "DMY")
generate date3 = mofd(date1) - mofd(date2)


   | date1   date2   date3 |
1. | 18017   17909       3 |
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    As an addition to this, in case they wanted the number of 30-day periods, just gen date3 = (date2 - date1) /30. This is trivial, but I'm just adding since they have the last day of April and the first day of December, so maybe they want to know the total number of months, or maybe they just want the total number of 'months' (e.g. 30 or 30.41-day periods) between the two dates. – Aaron Wolf May 2 at 7:21

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