I would like to get the last inserted document in the database through the Cloudant npm module in NodeJS but i haven't found anything that would help in the documentation.

Is there a way to do this directly from the db.get document function? I don't have a timestamp key on the db document so I can't manually sort by that either.

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Cloudant/CouchDB doesn't timestamp a document so it has no notion of "last created". Which leaves you with two client-side solutions which you mention:

  1. Add a timestamp into your JSON when you create document. e.g.

    { "username": "glynn", "timestamp": 1525245671509, "level": 4 }

You can then query the database or create a MapReduce view that orders the documents by the timestamp.

  1. If your application allows, your document _id field could begin with a timestamp e.g. 1525245671509-user:glynn. This would allow you to query the _all_docs endpoint to fetch the last inserted document e.g.

GET /db/_all_docs?descending=true&limit=1&include_docs=true

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