Anyone have the inside scoop on when Homebrew will be updated to support MySQL 8's first general release (8.0.11)? I can't seem to find it by searching, but I bet someone here knows :)

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Homebrew pushed MySQL 8.0.11 as an upgrade yesterday (Wed, 13 June 2018). I thought I had it pinned, but no such luck.

It's a total disaster:

MySQL 8.0.11 uses caching_sha2_password as the default authentication method (leave it to Oracle to do something like this in a point release, but there you have it).

So far, it breaks everything I've tried: phpMyAdmin, Nextcloud, and WordPress.

I'll be rolling back to 5.7.22 later today.

Update 17 June 2018 6:50PM CDT:

Three step solution:

  1. Add to [mysqld] section of my.cnf file (found in /usr/local/etc/ for Homebrew's installation):

  2. At shell prompt:

    mysql -u root -p
    > ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost'
       IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password
       BY '[password]';
    > exit
  3. Reboot server

    brew services mysql restart

Short version solution

Long version solution

Update 18 June 2018 11:53PM CDT:

The solution provided above is partial, at best. In my experience MySQL 8.0.11 is not nearly ready for production (or even development) use.

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    It is complete insanity that brew rolled out 8.0 as upgrade to 5.7. – seven Jun 14 '18 at 11:55
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    since 8.0 cannot be downgraded to 5.7 without having backup of database prior to upgrade. also, update did not check if my database/tables can run under 8.0. as suggested in 8.0 upgrade scenarios dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/upgrading-strategies.html mysqlcheck -u root -p --all-databases --check-upgrade by running this, brew could easily see that my db cannot work on 8.0, before it did the upgrade. – seven Jun 14 '18 at 12:13
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    I had the luck to be able to roll back and keep all my databases intact with brew remove mysql and brew install mysql@5.7. – Ortomala Lokni Jun 14 '18 at 13:56
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    I didn't have any joy rolling back after the 8.x upgrade, but fortunately I had a Time Machine backup of /usr/local/var/mysql from which I was able to restore. After removing MySQL 8 (brew remove mysql) and then installing 5.7 again (brew install mysql@5.7) as directed above it's working again. – BeesonBison Jun 15 '18 at 14:34
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    @JohnD. yes that's correct, just make sure you stop MySQL before you copy over from your disk image and then restart it afterwards. That's all I did. RE: ownership, I think it should be yourusername:admin and chmod 755 should be fine for permissions. I'm not an expert on that though so someone else might be able to advise? – BeesonBison Jul 9 '18 at 9:04

It's waiting to be merged into homebrew-core.



I manage to overcome this without removing my all database which from mysql version 5.7.

First, simply upgrade database with this command

mysql_upgrade -u root


Last. Install sequel-pro-nightly. I need this because i can browse my db from the command but not from sequal-pro. So, luckily the nightly sequel-pro works.

   brew cask install sequel-pro-nightly

Then, boom. Everything is back. Sigh.

  1. Removed MySql using the steps on this site.
  2. Do brew install mysql@5.7.
  3. Go to this site and follow the instructions starting at step 4.
  4. Be sure to find out if the paths on step 5 actually exist on your machine. The paths listed on that site didn't work for me. I had to find them on my own. Start by looking in /usr/local and search out the mysql folder from there and dig until you find the files he has listed.

I stopped at step 7 because I was able to take it from there. Hopefully, you can as well.

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