So I have an application that runs terraform apply in a directory, then can also run terraform destroy. I was testing the application, and I accidentally interrupted the processes while running apply

Now it seems to be stuck with a partially created instance, where it recognizes the name of my instance I was creating/destroying and when I try to apply it says that an instance of that name already exists. But then destroy says there is nothing to destroy. So I can't do either. Is there anyway to unsnarl this?

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I'm afraid that the only option is by doing:

  1. execute terraform state rm RESOURCE example: terraform state rm aws_ebs_volume.volume.

  2. Manually remove the resource from your cloud provider.


you can run the below to view all current resources still live from the project directory:

$ terraform state list

to destroy each resource run the below on each individual resource:

$ terraform destroy --target=resource.name

could write a script to loop through the 'terraform state list' output if there is a lot.


I was able to get out of this state by making sure the trailing comma was removed from the cloud provider resource definition (on AWS). Then I refreshed the state with terraform refresh. After that I was able to plan and apply again.

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