I would like to know about Prisma more detail.

First of all, I would like to know what database Prisma based on.

Is it RDBMS or Nosql?

Also, this command create new database server:

prima deploy 

I would like to now if this database is based on RDBMS, or NoSql.

And how can I access to this database without graphql, such as phpmyadmin or mongobooster?


A generally good resource to find out more about Prisma in detail is the documentation: https://www.prisma.io/docs. Specifically, this article shares a high-level overview of what Prisma is and does.

What database is Prisma based on?

Prisma is not based on a specific database. Instead, you can use Prisma Connectors to connect your database to the Prisma layer, to obtain a GraphQL API. Currently supported databases are MySQL and Postgres and connectors for MongoDB and Elastic Search are currently in development, and more will follow.

prisma deploy

prisma deploy does not create a new database server. You can use prisma deploy to deploy a Prisma API to a Prisma Server, which is connected to a database (as mentioned above).

For quick development, free development Prisma servers are available in Prisma Cloud. They can be deployed to without setting up a Prisma server or database first.

I assume that you are deploying against this free development server. In this case, you have no direct access to the database.

Accessing the Database

Depending on the underlying database, you can use tools like Sequel Pro (for MySQL), pgAdmin (for PostgreSQL) etc.

You can also use the databrowser from Prisma Cloud to explore and interact with your data, independently from the underlying data store.

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