I'm working on a NativeCall interface; there's a C function which accepts a callback, defined as:

typedef void (* ExifContentForeachEntryFunc) (ExifEntry *, void *user_data);
void exif_content_foreach_entry (ExifContent *content, ExifContentForeachEntryFunc func, void *user_data);

My first take has been:

sub exif_content_foreach_entry(ExifContent $exifcontent, &func (ExifEntry $entry, Buf $data), Buf $user_data) is native(LIB) is export { * }

but when invoked this function generates an error:

Internal error: unhandled dyncall callback argument type
  in method CALL-ME at /opt/rakudo-pkg/share/perl6/sources/24DD121B5B4774C04A7084827BFAD92199756E03 (NativeCall) line 588

If I ignore the user_data argument, everything works, so the rest of the declaration is fine: I just don't get to pass any additional data to the callback function.

On other occasions I used a Buf to pass a block of (possibly) binary data to a C function and it worked; the difference here is the callback function. Any idea how to solve this problem?

(using perl6 2018.03)

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    @raiph I don't know why I got that impression. Noted and changed. Thanks! – jjmerelo May 2 at 15:49
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I am not sure how to pass a Buf as user data since Buf is not a native type. But you could use for instance a CStruct instead:

class UserData is repr('CStruct') {
    has int32 $.dummy;

Then the declaration would be:

sub exif_content_foreach_entry(
    ExifContent $exifcontent, 
    &func (ExifEntry $entry, UserData $data),
    UserData $user_data) is native(LIB) is export { * }

And the callback can be declared and defined as for example:

sub my-callback (ExifEntry $entry, UserData $data) {
    say "In callback";
    say "Value of data: ", $data.dummy;


Here is a workaround to pass a Perl 6 type like Buf (i.e not a native type) to the callback using a closure. For example:

my $buf = Buf.new( 1, 2, 3);
my $callback = my sub (ExifEntry $entry, UserData $data) {
    my-callback( $entry, $buf);

Then declare the real callback my-callback like this:

sub my-callback (ExifEntry $entry, Buf $data) {
    say "In callback";
    say "Value of data: ", $data;

And call the library function like this:

exif_content_foreach_entry( $content, &$callback, $data );
  • Your solution works using an int32, but I wanted to allow the module users to pass any kind of data, so I prefer something like a Buf or Blob. Elsewhere I successfully used a Buf when the C declaration type was a void *, hence that was the first thing I tried here. – Fernando Santagata May 3 at 8:45

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