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In the below code I am able to arrange the list by "sortByKey". However, requirement is to sort by string in alphabetical orders.

That is expected output should be:


scala> val randRDD = sc.parallelize(List( (2,"cat"), (6, "mouse"),(7, "cup"), (3, "book"), (4, "tv"), (1, "screen"), (5, "heater")), 3)
randRDD: org.apache.spark.rdd.RDD[(Int, String)] = ParallelCollectionRDD[0] at parallelize at <console>:27

scala> randRDD.collect
res0: Array[(Int, String)] = Array((2,cat), (6,mouse), (7,cup), (3,book), (4,tv), (1,screen), (5,heater))

scala> randRDD.sortByKey().collect
res1: Array[(Int, String)] = Array((1,screen), (2,cat), (3,book), (4,tv), (5,heater), (6,mouse), (7,cup))

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You can use sortBy as

//res2: Array[(Int, String)] = Array((3,book), (2,cat), (7,cup), (5,heater), (6,mouse), (1,screen), (4,tv))


Just use two swappings, one before sortByKey and another after sortByKey

//res2: Array[(Int, String)] = Array((3,book), (2,cat), (7,cup), (5,heater), (6,mouse), (1,screen), (4,tv))

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