while doing a notary change transaction from validating notaries to a new set of non validating notaries, how does the new set of non-validating notaries learn about the previous transactions?.

Do they get only the hashes of previous transactions or the entire transaction dependency graph?


The new notary does not learn about the past transactions at all.

Instead, we have the following process:

  • A transaction with hash 2772BE and notary NotaryA is committed to the ledger
  • Someone wants to transfer the first output state of this transaction (denoted <2772BE, 0>) to NotaryB
  • They form a notary change transaction with a single input, <2772BE, 0>. Let's say the hash of this notary change transaction is 35D0A5
  • NotaryA signs this transaction, marking its input <2772BE, 0> as spent
  • However, this transaction also creates one output state, <35D0A5, 0>, pointing to NotaryB
  • <2772BE, 0>, which pointed to NotaryA, is now spent. But <35D0A5, 0>, which points to NotaryB, is unspent

In this way, we have transferred the state to a new notary in a way that prevents double-spends.

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