I am creating Imacros bot to submit site in the directory. So I want to give {{!colN}} custom value I have 2 CSV file, info.csv and category.csv files. In file.csv i am writing a custom number for example 3, and want to fill form with {{!col3}} from category

What I tried

1 - {{!col{!col16}} This isn't working


set !var1 {{!col16}}
SET !var3 EVAL("var r='{{!var1}}'; var x='{{!col' + r + '}}'; x;")
PROMPT Var_N:<SP>_{{Var_N}}_{{!Var1}}

This text writing {{!col3}} and not value from file

3) I used some javascript and my site to get back value

macro += "tab open" + "\n";
macro += "tab t=2" + "\n";
macro += "URL GOTO=http://example.com/email/gela.php/{{!col16}}" + "\n";
var url = window.location.pathname;
var id = url.substring(url.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);
macro += "tab close" + "\n";
macro += "tab t=1" + "\n";

But this code getting URL from the site where is was first. for example, home file is google.com and then redirect to example.com/email/gela.php/{{!col16}} this code take value from google.com

Do you have any idea I am working on it for 3 days

  • ................................... – Vaja Axobadze May 3 '18 at 13:05
  • You may find a tip here. – Shugar May 5 '18 at 13:59

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