I am trying to issue some commands remotely to a linux box from a windows machine using plink.exe and it's successfully executing all the commands except the sudo su -

In fact, it also does execute the sudo su - and I can see the output that I am now superuser but at this point it freezes so no any other commands can be executed.

This is what I'm using so far:

./plink.exe -ssh -v -pw myPassHere myUser@myHost "hostname;ls -la;sudo su - ; touch test.me"

I also tried to send that sudo su command to the background like this:

 ./plink.exe -ssh -v -pw myPassHere myUser@myHost "hostname;ls -la; sudo su - & touch test.me"

and this will execute the above commands including the sudo su but will add this:

logout root
stty: Not a typewriter
stty: Not a typewriter
stty: Not a typewriter

and close the connexion - still without executing the last touch command

Also tried adding both & and ; like this:

./plink.exe -ssh -v -pw myPassHere myUser@myHost "hostname;ls -la;sudo su -&;touch test.me"

And this gives me:

ksh: syntax error at line 1 : 'end of file' unexpected

I'm pretty sure that after issuing the sudo su - command the prompt expects a result and this is why it freezes but don't know how to pause for a while to allow the sudo su - command to execute or how to avoid the shell expecting an output.


You shouldn't need sudo su - in a non-interactive context (and this non-interactivity is what causes the "stty: Not a typewriter" error).

Just use sudo touch test.me.

  • I don't have the administrator password so in order to execute commands with admin rights I need to use sudo su - – Stan K May 3 '18 at 20:45

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