I am a newbie and researching about Machine Learning, I have created a model on Google Colab.

My goal is to use that model for offline predicting in an Android app. So I need to download the trained model.

The only thing I know is I need to save my model as a .pb file in order to make my Android app. I have searched around, maybe there are answers but they were too short for me to understand So need very detail answers.

This is my Test.ipynb file, Can someone spend a little bit time to train that model and see if we can download it to local drive.


This is how I save and download model files from Collab.

  1. Save only the trainable variables(These are my store/restore fns):

code is as below :

def store(sess_var, model_path):        
    if model_path is not None:
        saver = tf.train.Saver(var_list=tf.trainable_variables())
        save_path = saver.save(sess_var, model_path)
        print("Model saved in path: %s" % save_path)
        print("Model path is None - Nothing to store")

def restore(sess_var, model_path):
    if model_path is not None:
        if os.path.exists("{}.index".format(model_path)):
            saver = tf.train.Saver(var_list=tf.trainable_variables())
            saver.restore(sess_var, model_path)
            print("Model at %s restored" % model_path)
            print("Model path does not exist, skipping...")
        print("Model path is None - Nothing to restore")
  1. Compress the directory where you stored your model - Make sure it contains nothing else: !tar -czvf model.tar.gz models/

  2. Download the model:

    from google.colab import files files.download('model.tar.gz')

Since your only storing the trainable variables instead of the entire session, the size of the model is small and thus it is able to download. Be sure to use Chrome - I've not been able to get the last snippet working on Firefox.

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  • I'm not sure why Stackoverflow isnt able to properly format my python code - if someone could help out with that it would be great. – tangy May 4 '18 at 5:15
  • Hello, what does "where you stored your model" mean? I have the following error: tar: models: Cannot stat: No such file or directory tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors – peanut May 4 '18 at 5:41
  • Assuming you stored your .pb file in a directory called models do the above step. My point is just compress whatever is generated saver.save and download it from Collab. – tangy May 4 '18 at 5:42
  • I'm sorry, I didn't have that .pb file anywhere in my local drive, all the things are running on Google Server. Maybe I don't get what you meant. Can you please write something that will work anyway? – peanut May 4 '18 at 5:51
  • The .pb or protobuf file is what is stored by tf.train.Saver on your Collab machine. I've given you the code already. You can assume the model_path you pass to the store function I've provided above is models/my_model.pb and sess_var is the session variable. – tangy May 4 '18 at 5:56

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