Hi I'm using an angular app to connect to signalr, I am using "@aspnet/signalr": "1.0.0-preview1-final".

I need to send the connectionId to my controller (I need to do some process and tell all others clients but no the user making the request), the problem is Connection Id is private, there is a way to get the connection Id?

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Seems like an XY problem.

Tell all other clients (problem X)


public async Task TellAllOtherClients(object[] args)
    await Clients.Others.SendAsync("method", args);

Get connectionId (solution Y)


public string GetConnectionId()
    return Context.ConnectionId;


    .then(function (connectionId) {
        // Send the connectionId to controller
  • Hi, Thanks for the answer I will implement the solution proposed to tell another clients via hub method just after the controller responds.
    – VictorV
    May 7, 2018 at 19:55

From Javascript... Just interrogate the connection id property of the SignalR connection once a connection is made (in the start().done function). Like this:

var connectionid = _signalconnection.connection.connectionId;

Just be sure to do this in both the start().done and the onreconnected event. That allows you to get the updated connectionid if it changes on a reconnect.

Pretty straightforward.

Here's my connection start statement, in case it helps...

    _signalconnection.start().then(function ()
        console.log("Setup_SignalR: connection open.");
        // Get the connectionID...
        _connectionid = _signalconnection.connection.connectionId;
        // Make a log entry that is page contextual...
        var page = window.location.pathname;
        console.log("Setup_SignalR:ConnectionOpen for page (" + page + ") with connectionID = " + _connectionid);
    }).catch(function (err)
        console.error("Setup_SignalR: connection failed. err = " + err);


let connection: signalR.HubConnection;
let accessToken = "3076a225-f2f6-4c68-b894-08accb62bb90";

connection = new signalR.HubConnectionBuilder().withUrl("http://localhost:8178/notifyHub", { accessTokenFactory: () => accessToken }).build();
connection.start().then(function(){connection.invoke("GetConnectionId").then(function(connectionId){console.log(connectionId)})}).catch(err => console.error(err));

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