Here is my scenario:

I have a Merge publisher with articles and parameterized filter. All identity management is set to automatic and I have allocated within range of 10000000. I have 5 subscribers subscribing from this publisher, each with their own subset of data depending on the parameterized filters I have set. On initial setup everything is OK. When setting up a new subscriber to receive their own subset of data, I am faced with the following error:

The Publisher failed to allocate a new set of identity ranges for the subscription. This can occur when a Publisher or a republishing Subscriber has run out of identity ranges to allocate to its own Subscribers or when an identity column data type does not support an additional identity range allocation. If a republishing Subscriber has run out of identity ranges, synchronize the republishing Subscriber to obtain more identity ranges before restarting the synchronization. If a Publisher runs out of identit (Source: MSSQL_REPL, Error number: MSSQL_REPL-2147199417)

I am using SQL Standard Ed 2014 for all publisher and subscriber nodes.

I checked back to the publisher and the identity col for the articles are not sync with the last subscriber i setup so that means I have to manually manage it and run the merge agent.

Has anyone been faced with this error? How do you handle identity management if subscriber are getting their own subset of data with their own identity ids?

Thank you in advance!

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