Here's the setup:

  • Very simple form, just a name field, plus two ActiveStorage attachment fields square_image and landscape_image.
  • Both fields have direct_upload: true set.
  • If all form fields are filled out, including the files, the submit work exactly right, no problem.
  • However, if you fill out only the name field, leaving any of the file fields blank, I get an invalid_request every time.

This only happens in Safari.

The debug logs from nginx reveal client prematurely closed stream: only 548 out of 953 bytes of request body received.

It doesn't seem to be an nginx issue, because I get a similar experience locally via pow (the connection just hangs for a long time, presumably because pow is waiting for the data that never arrives).

Has anyone else experienced this, or have any ideas about how to debug this? I can't figure out where to go from here.

  • Rails 5.2.0
  • Safari 11.1 (13605.

This is indeed a bug in webkit. It has allegly been fixed but at this point in time, the bug still affects Safari. https://trac.webkit.org/changeset/230963/webkit

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