I'm trying to uninstall the Kyngchaos' gdal framework but still haven't been able to find a way to do it.

It seems there is no info at Kyngchaos website so any help will be highly appreciated.


I found out that the ReadMe.rtf of the installation .dmg has the instructions of how to uninstall each framework.

In case of GDAL 2.2 the instructions are:

Drag GDAL.framework, GEOS.framework, PROJ.framework, SQLite3.framework and UnixImageIO.framework from /Library/Frameworks to the Trash. Also trash /Library/Application Support/GDAL and ~/Library/Application Support/GDAL (if it exists).

Run these commands in a Terminal:

sudo pkgutil --forget org.gdal.gdal22-framework-yosemite

sudo pkgutil --forget net.refractions.geos-framework-yosemite

sudo pkgutil --forget org.maptools.proj-framework-yosemite

sudo pkgutil --forget org.sqlite.sqlite3-framework-yosemite

sudo pkgutil --forget com.kyngchaos.UnixImageIO-framework-F-yosemite


Use pip to uninstall the python components:

sudo pip3 uninstall gdal

sudo pip3 uninstall proj

sudo pip3 uninstall shapely

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    can use sudo pkgutil --pkgs | grep gdal (etc.) to find the specific packages to remove on your machine—on my machine there was com.kyngchaos.matplotlib-mtlion as well – whlteXbread Mar 28 at 22:10

Adding to @Guillermo's answer. The frameworks are hidden, to access them on MacOS, enter Cmd + Shift + G from finder then /Library/Frameworks enter

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