i need to add dymo protocole in NS2.35 ubunto 16.04 and find tcl && awk files if there enyone work of these


ns-2.35 + Dymoum

tar xvf ns-allinone-2.35_gcc5.tar.gz   // 2014..2017 update: gcc -4.4..-5 (<= 5.4)


cd ns-allinone-2.35/
patch -p0 < DYMO-03-all__ns235.patch


cd ns-2.35/
cp ns ns-dymo
sudo cp ns-dymo /usr/local/bin/
sudo make install
cd ../nam-1.15/
sudo make install

----------- Simulation ------------

ns-dymo dymo-is.tcl .... etc. examples from 'Dymoum-examples.tar.gz' https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7S255p3kFXNbnk1M0NDQmFjSk0/view?usp=sharing

DYMO links NS-2.34 DYMO patch ... and https://stackoverflow.com/search?tab=newest&q=ns2%20dymo ... and https://stackoverflow.com/search?q=dymoum

awk, perl scripts ns2 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rU_MFAEl1GCLMTJPLR3zbxPxkQQHkQ7T?usp=sharing

Plot graphs 1. http://mohittahiliani.blogspot.dk/2014/10/automated-post-processing-app-tool-for.html ... 1a. https://github.com/WiNG-NITK/APP-Tool

The ~300 ns2 patches https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7S255p3kFXNZ2lWZDBRSW40Q00?usp=sharing

~3000 ns2 simulations https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7S255p3kFXNSmRYb2lGcDRUdWs?usp=sharing

EDIT : You can also use the application dymo-ns_2.35-1ubuntu16_amd64.deb (2.5MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I0xuZSVmbKXLbyplX0_9NIhB1HYeR51l/view?usp=sharing → Provides /usr/local/{bin/ns235-dymo, lib/dymo/{lib/*tcl*, bin/tclsh*}}

Download, and install: sudo gdebi Downloads/dymo-ns_2.35-1ubuntu16_amd64.deb

  • thanks you give me a good answer and you helped me thank u – abdelmadjid amri May 7 '18 at 18:57
  • You are welcome, you can accept the answer if you think it was helpful to you by clicking on the gray tick ;) – Knud Larsen May 7 '18 at 19:01
  • but the links dont work for me what should i do ? – abdelmadjid amri May 7 '18 at 19:15
  • Which links ? .... I noticed that stackoverflow also failed to add comments for a while. Is OK now. – Knud Larsen May 7 '18 at 19:33
  • i added dymo correctly but when i try to execute filedymo.tcl with command ns-dymo dymo-is.tcl affiched these error invalid command name "Agent/DYMOUM" while executing "Agent/DYMOUM set debug_ true" (file "dymo-is.tcl" line 22) and with these command ns-dymo dymo-is.tcl affiche these error ns-dymo dymo-is.tcl where is the problem i need it for my research please ? thank you – abdelmadjid amri May 7 '18 at 21:07

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