Having a swift package, I want to do some global configuration (basically configure logging for all tests) before starting tests. Surprisingly, this is easy on Linux where code can be added in allTests

public func allTests() -> [XCTestCaseEntry] {
    Log.logger = HeliumLogger(.debug)
    return [
        // ...

but I have no idea how to do this on macOS. Any hints are welcome.


You could subclass XCTest and override setUp, which is called before tests run, as follows:

import XCTest
import LoggerAPI
import HeliumLogger

class LoggingTestCase: XCTestCase {

    override class func setUp() {
        Log.logger = HeliumLogger(.debug)

You can then make your test classes inherit from LoggingTestCase instead of XCTestCase.

This should work on both macOS and Linux.

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