When I capture Image I get the captured image rotated.

I am setting the rotation on Camera Parameters object.

Camera.Parameters params = mCamera.getParameters();

But its not working. I have tried setting the rotation angle to 0, 90, 270 and 360, but there is no change in the captured image rotation.

Device : Redmi Note 5.

Working fine for other devices, i.e. setting a rotation angle of 90 degrees makes the image rotated in original orientation.

The least I expect is at least there must be a rotation change when I change the value of rotation angle to different degrees. But that doesn't seem to have any impact.

Original Image
Original Image

Camera Captured Image
Camera Captured Image

I have done

It changes the camera preview rotation but doesn't change the captured image rotation.

Also, I have seen the following posts, tried solutions but haven't found any working solution.
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