When deserializing data from a stream ServiceStack.Text closes the input stream. Since there is no issue tracker at Github and their web site refers to SO I post the question here. A call to


will dispose the input stream which is in my opinion an error since there might be other data following which is only prefixed with an object. No other serializer I am aware of behaves this way.


The latest v5.1.1 of ServiceStack.Text on MyGet shouldn't auto close streams anymore.

Also ServiceStack.Text has been rewritten to use .NET's new ReadOnlySpan<char> which can be accessed directly with:

ReadOnlySpan<char> jsonSpan = json.AsSpan();
var dto = JsonSerializer.DeserializeFromSpan<T>(jsonSpan);

There's also a new API for reading from streams asynchronously:

var dto = await JsonSerializer.DeserializeFromStreamAsync<T>(stream);

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