I try for more than a week to fill out a SQL query parameter by running a macro on the "Fill Parameters" event in the subform by searching for a method to fill the parameter under the Parameters object with MRI without success.

Searches for guides and code samples on Google and the relevant forums also found nothing.

Have I missed something or am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks in advance!

Sql query:

SELECT * FROM "Table1" WHERE "Record-Id" = :Record-Id

Macro code to display an event object in Python:

def main (oEvent):
   ctx = XSCRIPTONTONT.getComponentContext ();
   mri (ctx, oEvent);
  • You also posted here, and @Ratslinger's answer is a good one.
    – Jim K
    May 7 '18 at 13:06
  • @JimK I already have a much better solution than the improvised solutions I got there, I will publish it here soon.
    – Sagi Nadav
    May 8 '18 at 3:49

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